Walk to fight prostate cancer

For Fathers Day, on June 20th, take the Walk of Courage Jean-Pagé Challenge.

On your own or with a team, walk 4300 steps to show your support to the 4300 fathers, grandfathers, spouses, sons, brothers and uncles who are diagnosed every year with prostate cancer in Quebec. 

4,300 steps is 2.8 km, or about 30 minutes of walking. Once you get started, keep going!

Not available on June 20th? Walk anywhere, anytime. Track your progress and share it with the PROCURE RIDE APP.

Courage as a legacy!

For 15 years, we have walked for the courageous - men with prostate cancer and their families. The Walk of Courage Jean-Pagé is a tradition that we honor with our loved ones.

For Isabelle Pagé who is the honorary President of the Walk of Courage, courage is a legacy from her father, PROCURE's Ambassador Emeritus. Strong from this heritage, Isabelle takes up the beacon and commits to walk in his steps while continuing to demystify prostate cancer

PROCURE is a charitable organization fighting against prostate cancer. It educates, supports, and informs people affected by this disease. It promotes and contributes to the financing of world-class research. To find out more, visit www.procure.ca.

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