Tips and tricks

Fundraising Ideas for everyone!

  • Bouquet of flowers - invite a local florist to donate a bouquet in june, july and August. Then organize a lottery the prize being a "summer bouquet" for the office of participating employees.
  • Comedy club - ask a local club to organize an evening in support of PROCURE. Invite all teams to sell tickets. If, for example, a team sells 10 tickets at $ 10 a ticket, that becomes a donation of $ 100 for the Walk.
  • Wine tasting - like any other fundraising campaign, but especially for this concept, it is ESSENTIAL to make sure that wine is free and to comply with all applicable regulations for alcohol consumption.
  • Lunch (employees bring their own lunch in a paper bag) - instead of going to a restaurant, everyone brings their own meal and contributes the amount that would have been spent on lunch to PROCURE.
  • Matching Funds - encourage your CEO or President to grant the equal of the total funds collected by your team or to become the major contributor to your team. (For this matching account, you must submit a written confirmation prior to the Walk of Courage PROCURE.)
  • Movies - rent short videos (old films and classic movies are always appreciated) and organize a film week during lunchtime. Charge admission and invite employees to eat while watching the movies.
  • Informal Day "Dress casually for cancer" - employees must pay to come to work dressed casually.
  • Sports Games and tournaments - organize matches between individuals or departments within your organization: bowling, tennis, racquetball, softball or other sports. Charge entry and participation fees.
  • Organize a party or a dance with a theme - Beach Party, disco, golden age, etc...
  • Organize a garage sale
  • Sponsorship - Invite your neighbors to sponsor a team. Invite companies from whom you buy regularly to contribute $ 100. Place the photo of a person whom you would like to honour or remember in a highly visible locations, to remind your team members of the importance of their participation.
  • Piggy Bank - PROCURE can provide a PROCURE donation piggy bank to you that you can place in high traffic area. Please contact us at 1 855 899-CURE or

* Auction off a good parking place at work.

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