Secret recipes of a winner: Claude Marsolais’s ideas

There are many ways to raise money for the Walk of Courage. Claude Marsolais, captain of the winning team during the 2009 Walk of Courage (Team Courage-Jazz) and recipient of the 2009 President's Prize awarded to the volunteer who has made outstanding contribution to the work of PROCURE, seems to possess all the ingredients for success. His involvement and his creativity enabled his team to raise almost $ 22 000 in two years! When asked about the secret of his success, Mr. Marsolais smiles but says little. Stimulated by the friendly competition between the team captains, he certainly cannot reveal all his secrets ... But he has generously agreed to give us some suggestions that you can organize with friends or colleagues:

First activity:

Invite your friends to a wine and cheese evening, where everyone brings wine and cheese to discover together. A fee is requested for the evening. The two best wines can be auctioned at the end of the evening.

Second activity:

Organize games between colleagues! For a week, send around a class photo of one of your colleagues when he was under twelve years old. The first person to identify him wins a prize (eg. a bottle of wine or a cookbook). It will cost three dollars per person to attempt a response and five dollars to receive a clue.


Organize a musical evening with the voluntary contribution of your fellow musicians. Find a room and complimentary wine with solicited contributions from companies. This can be a wonderful evening of guaranteed fun and a good fundraiser for PROCURE.

Now it's your turn! May the best man win!

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