A Word From The Organizers

Over two million dollars and hundreds of lives!

The 14th edition of the PROCURE Walk of Courage will be held on June 20th, 2020.

When creating it, Father John Walsh and Robin Burns had a dream. Now they can proudly say that thousands of participants and volunteers, all united in the fight against prostate cancer, have raised more than 2 million dollars in ten years and dramatically increased awareness of this disease in Quebec!

Each year, the Walk of Courage helps Quebecers learn a little more about the disease. Knowing that regular screening is the best weapon for a cure, they knew that men and their families must be made aware of this fact. "Finally an event for men's health" notes the PROCURE spokesman, Jean Pagé, famous sport journalist.

PROCURE is the only charitable organization in Quebec totally dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer through research, information and awareness.

To learn more www.procure.ca.

  • Cofounders : Father John Walsh, Robin Burns and Jean Pagé.
  • Participants: men, cancer survivors, families and friends.
  • Targeted participation: 500 walkers and sponsors.

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